Building Insight Clinical Consulting Upon a Legacy of Mutual Respect

Lucy Spencer never thought her years of data management experience would lead her to found her own data management and IT consulting firm and see demand for the expertise of the team she built supporting life-altering clinical trials. Yet in 2018, that is indeed what she did.

As a female-founded company with a mostly female staff, Lucy takes seriously her mentorship and support of up-and-coming females in the drug development industry, particularly those in the ranks of data managers she has trained and led over her extensive career. “When I started Insight, I saw it as an opportunity to harness the incredible technical and operational talent among the colleagues I’d worked with through the years, to consult with and support innovative biotechnology companies making a difference in patients’ lives.”

Lucy believes, “We all have unique circumstances but hold in common mutual respect and deep support of one another professionally and personally. Insight tangibly supports every member of our team – the majority of them women – by offering flexible work hours, great pay, and amazing team camaraderie.” Insight gives special thanks to the female leaders before us and extends its support to those coming up through the leadership ranks.

Insight Clinical Consulting is known for bringing high-end solutions with optimal efficiencies to its customers for clinical trials across all phases and therapeutic areas. Its top-level data management and IT consultants have decades of collective experience that can be quickly deployed to provide a full range of data management support or stand-alone services as needed. They offer a smart and flexible alternative to large service providers where – as customers – emerging to mid-sized biotechnology companies might get lost in the mix.

The companies Insight Clinical Consulting was built to serve are those that may have some data management capabilities in house but look for support from experts in database build, maintenance and close out, or other process or IT support to manage their clinical trials. Lucy believes that in forming a consultancy with industry professionals who have worked trials of every phase across multiple therapeutic areas, she can offer support with the speed and acumen her customers require. Transparency and honesty are cornerstones of Insight’s approach. Lucy leads her team with these characteristics at the forefront.

Lucy would enjoy learning about your data management and IT support needs. Simply reach out here.